Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Scrap Room... Finally

It's a rainy day here in Germany (what's new?) so a good one for cleaning. I've had a mess on my desk for a week now, but it's an okay side-effect for a scrapping frenzy that doesn't come around very much. Anyway, I cleaned my room so now I can share it with you! (You can click the photos to enlarge them.)

The best part about this room is my desk. That big, beautiful, custom-made monstrosity there in the center. It has shelving on both sides and drawers on the other sides. It's almost like having two regular sized desks put together. Somehow, though, I still manage to fill the entire thing up as I'm working on a project. So glad to have it. Oh and you can just BARELY see it, but to the left of this photo is another window. I'm very proud of the curtains I made for it using my favorite fabric ever- Joel Dewberry's Herringbone print. If I could make a shirt out of it I would. And I'd wear it everyday.

On the left there is one of my Expedits. I used standard paper trays on top for my 8.5" x 11" paper (mostly Papertrey Ink solids) and then 12x12 trays with solid cardstock are in the shelves. My albums sit here, those with pages, those with stamps, and my color inspiration and ink pad swatches. The basket on the top row has my 8x8 and 6x6 pads and the cubby next to it is full of my full collections that I like to keep together. Next to that are a couple bins with sewing notions and books. The basket on the far right cubby on the second row has brads. Yep. And it's almost full. (I may be crazy). The other bins have containers for Copics, foam stamps, mini albums, etc.

Next to this expedit is where I keep my SC kits- in Iris scrapbook containers. I have 7 of them, so once they are all full I start picking kits to break down and put into the rest of my stash. Fancy wiring I've got there, eh? If you need the name of my electrician, I'd be happy to pass his info along.

I took this one from the back of the room looking in so you can see this side of my desk. It's full of fabric, batting, plastic bags with scraps (attractive, I know), and pillow forms. This has been a challenge- it's hard to keep the fabric lined up pretty when you have to rifle through it.

This message board was one of my first ever sewing projects. I heart it so. Anyway, I recently went through and purged a lot of paper so I could utilize my cropper hoppers a lot better. The first holds newish paper that I don't want to forget I bought. If I need to do a project, I'll check here first to help me remember what I've got. The second holds dividers with holiday themed papers that can't really be used for other things- this will help me out a lot when I go to mass produce cards. The next few are my regular patterned paper organized by manufacturer. The next is my scrap paper used to protect my desk in case me and Mr. Huey get a little crazy... And the last is all the scraps from the side of my paper trimmer- I go through this occasionally to size it down to only what I really love.
The left side is more paper trays but these hold my Thickers. That's a LOT of thickers... They're organized by color so I can find what I need quickly.

The drawers underneath this hold buttons, thread, washi, chipboard shapes, envelopes, and some more sewing notions.

This is the other side of the desk. Again, there are some not so pretty things in here (my house has no closets and we don't have a garage so pretty much every room has to have some ugly stored items in it!) but it's so nice to be able to have quick access to things I use regularly. The closest basket has my versamark ink, stazon, and more Stampin' Up! ink that didn't fit into the boxes up top. I have my paints organized in here, camera supplies, small tools, and various other things in the other baskets.

Now this might be my next favorite part about my room. Yeah, the containers don't all match each other and things sort of look messy in them but I know exactly where everything is and I love to be able to see it. If I feel like rifling for some inspiration, I can just pop the basket off the shelf and have at it. From left to right (top row) I have my rubber stamps, my scoring board and basket with stickers and labels, the next basket (red one) is all my rubons, the last on the top holds all my "non-flat" embellishments. Seriously, that's how I remember it- "non flat". haha
Second row has flowers (fabric, chipboard, brads, etc), next one is ribbon (I have too much ribbon and it's overflowing a bit), then cheap $1 acrylic stamps that I may or may not ever use, and the last basket has some of my acrylic stamps (those that never made it into binders). After all the work of the binder method, I've found I use these in the basket more- they're just easier to get to and find.

Here's a better view of the top. The left basket has all my Big Shot dies. I can rummage around in there too- love that. The purple container has the border dies. The middle basket is most of my SC stamps. Yep, they get their own special place. If I could temperature control these babies I would. You can see that my embossing powder and mist baskets are pretty full- I'm not sure what I'm going to do once my new ones get here... I might need to make a trip to Ikea to get a few more.

The other side of the room is my husband's. The shelves have his finished and unfinished Lego sets he builds and collects. Neat hobby, right? He has some work to do there still; maybe he'll finish it one day.
We both sit at the desk, me on the right side at the Mac and him on the other side with his laptop. I like when he actually decides to come up here- we each get to do our hobbies but still hang out.

Anyway, there's my space. Thanks for checking it out!


  1. Thanks for sharing. Your room looks great & gave me some ideas as I am currently in the process of redoing my room.

  2. Beautiful craft-room - so spacious and bright!

  3. You're room looks like a wonderful place to create! Have fun in it!

  4. just fabulous ashley!! school holidays start here next week and you have inspired me to get on and organise mine!!

  5. Wowieee..>I want to come and scrap with you!!! My son collects lego sets and has shelves of them too...He ALWAYS asks for the sets for his birthday, christmas and good report cards...he has LOTS of lego star wars sets...they are fun for him to build and fun to look at....

  6. Great space! :) Gives me motivation to get mine in order!

  7. Looks great!! Yay for finishing! :-D

  8. Love the peek into your room! And LOVE all the thickers!

  9. Thanks for showing us your room! It rocks! Love the open space and that wonderful IKEA storage!!!