Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pink for boys?!

I broke out Candy Shoppe (which I haven't even touched yet) and started cutting without a plan. I basically had the whole thing laid out before I even knew what photos to use- but I think these bright colors really work against such a dark photo. And get this- when my husband saw the page, he didn't mention the fact that it was pink. Phew.

 Please excuse the big dark spot on the right- I scanned it rather than fuss with my camera. =)

And, in case you're wondering- you can use a border punch on sticky-back canvas. But, expect your punch to stick each.and.every.time. And be prepared to use any tools you might have laying about (a ball point pen, scissors, tweezers, a paint brush) to attempt getting it unstuck. Totally worth it.
I used SC Piglet to give it some color and wouldn't you know, its *almost* like Pink Paislee's mistable trim.

I keep getting little ideas for pages right before I fall asleep at night. I saw on the SC message boards a thread about this; some people jump out of bed to jot down these ideas. I wish I did, but man, once I'm in bed, I'M IN BED. I wouldn't get out if the house was on fire. Okay, maybe I would. My alternative is to think about it endlessly until I finally fall asleep and then hope I remember what it was the next day.
I had one such idea last night and immediately started working on it (so I wouldn't forget)- when a second idea hit me. So I left my first project on my table and started with the second on the floor. Then, I ended up on my second desk, and among the mess on the floor I got a NEW idea for a card. I know, I must have gotten a visit from the scrap fairy. In the midst of all this creative madness, I had run some errands- so imagine my surprise when I came back into my room to find this:

Yeah, I guess it's easy to get carried away in here! Better get to cleaning this in the morning!


  1. Great page! You totally pulled off the pink! Well done!

  2. Love the layout and pink is totally boy color!! Only REAL men/boys can be pink enough!! :D

    Love the aftermath pic! :D

  3. No problem using pink for boys... It's culture saying boys are blue. Pink and red used to be "masculine" colors.

  4. Love this layout, it is so cute and I did not think it was girly at all pink is great for boys!