Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mustache March and Manly Cards

I have come to dread March every single year. Why? Mustache March. Have you heard of it? Well, starting March 1st with a clean shaven face, men grow their 'staches out through the end of the month. In my husband's case, the guys from his shop are holding a contest with categories like "Burt Reynolds", "creepiest", etc. Personally, I don't think any man is attractive with a mustache. Unless you're this guy:

And even then, Tom's bad-assery might have something to do with it.
So, for a full month, I get to kiss a hairy face (I might be spoiled- my husband has to shave every day being in the military) and witness all sorts of guys think they're Tom Selleck when really they look like peeping Toms.
Anyway, I made a few cards last night in honor of this event. Okay, really I was just trying to come up with some cards for guys and it happened to work. =)

Same for each, except one has the textured woodgrain pattern- which gives it a lumberjack feel. And that makes me think of the Brawny man. Which is strange because the Brawny man with the mustache doesn't wear plaid... And what the heck is up with them getting rid of the 'stach for the new guy??

He just doesn't seem as manly.
Okay, back to cards.
Here's a really easy-to-put-together boy card using Echo Park's Little Boy collection. Seriously love this card because it took 3 minutes.


And have you seen this card by Nichole Heady? It is GENIUS. Seriously. One of those cards that make you say, "AH! Why didn't I think of that?!" As soon as I pulled out the plaid paper from above I knew I wanted to try it out with a more "relaxed dad" feel to it.

Please, if you pin this photo, be sure to credit Nichole Heady for the original idea, found here:

I added some Pebbles candy dots for "buttons" and scored the pocket for a seam. My favorite card ever. Thanks Nichole!
And that's all for today- I might be back later in the week with some more cards... I'll surprise you.


  1. I am in love with these cards. Every. Single. One. Fantastic!!

  2. hahahahhah!!! this post is hilarious! I LOVE tom selleck! it was so funny on friends when chandler tryed to grow a mustache to look like him because & ended up looking creepy =)

  3. Love your cards and I agree with you about the mustaches, ewwwww!

  4. Love your cards! I agree-one of the many reasons I like being married to a military man-facial hair is totally against the rules!

  5. Cute cards!! We also have that Down Under, but we have it during November (Movember).. lol..