Thursday, August 18, 2011

Be You

I've got a page to share today that I made last night. I basically just started cutting out random rectangles and squares and positioning them around- there are a lot of different patterns going on here but in a strange way, it works.

Sorry for the poor photo quality- I'm in a huge hurry. We just found out today that I may be able to make a flight to England tomorrow so I'm trying to finish homework and pack so we can be out the door at 4AM. So far I can check homework off the list, packing though... that's a different story. I still have 6 hours! =)

Anyway, I'll be pretty quiet this next week or so but I'll try to get on and post some travel photos!

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  1. Congratulations on getting the Layout of the Week over at Studio Calico (which is how I found your blog...... yes I'm a little behind in my Google Reader...can you tell?!!) I just had to sign up and subscribe to your blog. What a lovely style you have - and you do cards and layouts equally well.... amazing!! Loads of eye-candy here :-)