Saturday, August 27, 2011


I've been in England for a week visiting my sister and nephew. We've been really busy wandering around while she plays Tour Guide Barbie for us! I've been to London for a concert, seen some beautiful cathedrals, and am visiting Stonehenge tomorrow. It's been a lot of fun but hectic too- I'm trying to get homework done in between the little trips here and there. Luke has been a trooper though- he's definitely a good travel companion!

Big Ben is RIGHT in your face once you get off the tubes- it was very cool to be so close! There was a lot of foot traffic around though, so getting pictures was tricky.

The Eye was right across the street. We didn't ride it, but it was a gorgeous day and would have been perfect for it!

This was taken right outside the Hard Rock Cafe- it seemed fitting to eat there before heading to our concert!

This was our tube stop- it was a long ride into town but definitely worth it! We have another week here and will be taking another trip into London for some more sight-seeing. I'm worn out but am so glad to be able to see all of this!
I'm definitely missing crafting though. I can't wait to break into my box of Pebbles goodies waiting for me at home!


  1. It looks like you had a blast, Ashley! :)

  2. Your trip so far looks amazing! Love that picture of The Eye - what a beautiful day!

  3. Just found your blog. I'll definitely be back for more! I was so surprised to see you sitting by the Epping tube stop. I have that exact same pic. When my brother-in-law was stationed in England, I visited my sis several times. She was also my "tour guide barbie" and Epping was our stop! So fun!