Monday, October 10, 2011

Poorman's Ribbon Organizer

Hi everyone! Today is my birthday- the big 2-5! So far I've had an amazing breakfast made by my husband- potatoes o'brien, sausage, eggs, and toast, complete with a candle and birthday song, I'm going to Ikea in a hot minute to get some things to better organize my scrap room, and then I get to come home and spend the rest of the night in here making some more pretty things. It's going to be a good day!
Sorry I've been quiet lately, I've been working on a lot of pages and projects lately but nothing I can show you quite yet- hopefully sometime this week though! I've also been doing a lot of homework. I'm taking an introductory drawing course and have been learning about still-life drawings- here's my latest assignment:

Not too bad for never really being a drawer I'd say! I know there are a lot of graphic designers that don't draw or never took any drawing classes, so I hope getting better in this aspect will help me tremendously later and maybe give me a slight edge. It has been challenging but fun so far!
And, I've gotten a start on better organizing my scrap space. I'm really bad about using product I have if I can't see it. Right now, most everything is divided into large categories and put into bins on my expedit shelves. It works to keep things uncluttered, but I rarely feel like digging around to find something that will work on a page. So, I've decided to add some drawer units in here to help me further classify items and I feel like drawers will be easier to rummage through than bins. I started on getting my ribbon out of bins first, and my solution was this easy ribbon rack.
I used two curtain rod hangers that I had laying around the house and then strung my ribbon rolls onto a dowel rod.
It bows slightly without a support in the middle but I think I've accomplished my goal- the ribbon is out of the bin, I can see it all, and it's easy to pull out whatever length in whatever color I need. And for $1.59, you can't beat it! I still have about 15 rolls of ribbon that don't quite fit so I'm going to have to pick up another dowel rod to hang another below this. I also have some clips from Ikea that will hang from the second one to hold loose ribbon I've acquired.
And lastly, I have a page up at the Pebbles blog today, make sure you check it out! Here's a little sneak peek-

Well friends, it's Ikea time! I'll be back tomorrow with some more projects to share!


  1. That page is adorable! Love your ribbon display too, it's cute and funtional.

  2. Beautiful drawing and happy happy birthday!

  3. Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  4. This is great! I want one! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!