Monday, December 26, 2011

Gearing up for Project Life

I hope all of you had a very merry Christmas! We had such a good time- this year Luke was actually excited to see what was under the wrapping paper, rather than just playing with the bows! We made the mistake of getting too many things that were just a little bit too old for him, so our day was spent trying to repeatedly show him how everything worked. =)
Anyway, with the new year approaching, I have decided to jump on board with Project Life. However, I'll tell you up front- we are NOT exciting people. We prefer routine around here, so it may end up being sparse. Yeah, we are in Germany so there might be the occasional travel opportunity, but I'll take pajamas and sleeping over an event any day!
Even so, I've come up with a few things to focus on to help me fill in some of those spots from week to week. The first thing is funny things Luke says. He's 2 so I'm sure there will be plenty of that! I will make one card a week specifically for this and I'll keep it laying around the living room so I can fill it in as soon as something is said. The things that Luke is learning will be really great to have as well- I just haven't been so good at writing down his milestones but PL will help remind me to do so.
The next thing is our weekly menu. We have a tendency to fall in a food rut so I'm hoping this will encourage me to branch out a few times a week and try something new. I know seeing tacos repeated so often will definitely help snap me out of it! 
So once I convinced myself that this is a worthy project regardless of how "not busy" we are, I began putting together my supplies. Here are some of the things I will be using:

We R Memory Keepers Page Protectors - Multi Pack

I wanted a good variety of page protectors to choose from, so I will also be adding in the occasional 6"x12" protector as well- these will be good for memorabilia, menus, programs, etc.
For papers, I thought long and hard trying to figure out which line I wanted to work with all year long. First I thought about American Craft's Chap line because it's my absolute favorite right now, but I didn't want to have to buy a lot up front or have to worry about running out near the end. My solution? Digital papers. This way, I'll always have them around, can print them as needed, and can even make some modifications to make my own journaling cards or embellishments. I've picked Pink Paislee's Circa 2012:

 (You can pick this up at Isn't this perfect? The journaling spots alone will make the process really easy and I love that the papers are neutral enough for any time of year. I'll be printing as needed, rather than keeping a collection somewhere- just so I don't have to worry about storing anything I don't need to.
I'll also be trying my hardest to pull items from my stash. I have plenty of small embellishments that should work well and it will help me to declutter this year.
I'll check back with you in a couple days to show you some more of my Project Life beginning stages!


  1. Looking forward to seeing yours come along!

  2. Hey Ashley! Sorry to post here but I've been trying to email you back and all my messages keep getting bumped back as undeliverable. The calendar was sent out on December 5th - I can't fwd you the email though. Do you have another email address I can use?