Friday, December 30, 2011

Old Times

One of the best parts about not scrapbooking chronologically is that I get to flip through years of photos to find something new to scrap about- and I discover old pictures and stories that I get to reminisce over! These pictures make my husband and I laugh because of that stupid swing... We found out we were pregnant when we lived in Idaho- just months before moving to Turkey. We knew that it would be slim pickin's as far as baby supplies go so we scrambled at the last minute to buy as much baby furniture as possible before the movers came to pack up our house. It was stressful but totally worth it as we were so right- there was hardly anything to choose from once we got there.
Anyway, with all that, we were so glad to have the swing- because every baby needs one! Well, except Luke who absolutely HATED it. We tried and tried but it would take five minutes and he wanted OUT! It's funny now, but when you're an exhausted mother running on no sleep and recovering from a c-section it was a paaaaain. =)  It really just sat in our living room the entire time we lived in Turkey laughing at us.

Oh, that Luke.
Anyway, I'm working on some Project Life goodness and hope to have that up this weekend! If I'm not back before then, Happy New Year!


  1. What a great (or not so great) memory and a super sweet page xxx

  2. Wonderful page! Love how you've overlapped and angled all the paper!

  3. Great point about scrapping out of order. When I started I did go in order so all the old layouts look the same. Think you've inspired me to go back and reimagine them.
    I love your page and how you captured movement with the lines and patterns (and my kids both hated the swing!)

  4. Oh I love this layout! The slanted look is awesome!