Thursday, March 15, 2012

In progress quilts and a finish

Today is GORGEOUS outside! One of those days that makes you want to open all the windows, turn on some music, and get the house clean! Actually, my house was already clean (thanks to my husband woohoo!) so I decided that Luke and I would take a walk to enjoy the day. I brought some of my work-in-progress quilts to see if we could find a good spot to hang them for some pictures.
Unfortunately, there weren't any hanging spots, so we had to come up with some other ways to show them.
Exhibit A: A bench.

Unfortunately, the bench method doesn't allow for much of the quilt to be seen, but at least you get an idea of scale.
I finished this quilt up last weekend (I'm calling it the "zen lattice" quilt) and love how it came out. The batting is on the thinner side so this blanket is nice and airy but still warm. I straight line quilted it along the patterned blocks and it has just the right amount of crinkle.

Exhibit B: Draped over a fence.

Again, you can't see the full quilt. And, there was a shadow. Weak sauce.

Exhibit C: On the grass.

Well, at least you can see the full quilt this way, although the angle is funny. This is how we settled on photographing the rest of them- at least until my husband gets home to hold them up! =)
This is the back of the zen lattice quilt. I used one of the prints from this same line and added some solid stripes. I think the stripes give it a fun, retro look! It is bound in a solid kona aqua color- love how even the binding is crinkly!
And here are the other fabric lovelies I'm working on.

A Swoon block. I love this pattern so much! Before I bought it, I decided I wanted to try it out but on a smaller scale. I just drew it out and came up with my own measurements- this block is 12.5" (they come out at 16" in the pattern, I think). I'll be doing the full sized quilt as soon as I get the rest of my fabrics chosen.

A Castle Peeps Plus quilt. I had the whole line of Lizzy House's Castle Peeps line just sitting on a shelf for the longest time. I knew I wanted to use them in a quilt that really showed off the cute prints but I just couldn't find one I really loved. Then I found Jeni's tutorial and I knew it was perfect. This measures out a little larger than her quilt and I will be backing it with the yellow castle print and binding it with an orange stripe.

A City Weekend quilt. This pattern is adorable- it's all paper pieced, which is a bit of a process, but it came together quickly once I was able to get everything cut and batched. I love the springy colors in it, makes me happy! Unfortunately, the border strips are a bit too long so the quilt has a hard time laying flat- which will make it a pain to quilt. I'll be picking those stitches out and trying the border again sometime. (Just not anytime soon, I HATE picking out stitching.)

Sorry, I guess I should have ironed it a bit first...

And here's my little helper. In just a few more years, he'll be able to hold my quilts up for me!

And one more for good measure- this is the view from the walking path by my house. This is my little village, Jettenbach. It's gorgeous. We get to hear the church bells chime every 15 minutes from that church in the center. Luke always says, "Hear that Mommy?! DING DING DING!!" haha

Thanks for coming by today!


  1. These quilts are gorgeous!!!!! What a beautiful little village too.

  2. Ashley - your quilts are stunning xxx

  3. Hi Ashley! Just wanted to say welcome to Simple Stories and looking forward to getting to know you!

  4. Ashley! Your quilts are just AMAZING! I totally do not have the patience for quilting so I'm totally envious!

  5. These are so beautiful! You are a very talented quilter. Amazing!!!!