Friday, February 17, 2012

Scrapbook Therapy

I haven't really played with paper very much in the last few weeks- I've been really trying to focus on de-stashing fabric-wise by making up a bunch of quilt tops. I had a Pebbles assignment that needed done though, so I pulled out my scissors and got to work. I was on such a roll, I decided to keep going, and I came up with another page.
I've had these pictures of my great-grandparents printed and sitting in a pile for a long time. I just couldn't find any papers that I thought went very well with them, and I wasn't sure I could do them any justice. I just got my Studio Calico Daydream Believer kit a few days ago though, and the muted colors in the kit were perfect.

Isn't my grandmother beautiful?
I had to really fight back tears when putting this page together. We lost the two of them back in November- it was rough for everyone but also a relief- they were both going through a lot physically and it was really hard. Being overseas, I'm far-removed from a lot that happens in my family- so much so that it really just never hit me that their health was really failing like it was. I just wasn't there to witness, so naively I didn't think about ever losing them.

My grandfather went first, my grandma a week later. They were so in love, so in tuned to each other- I'm sure it was because my grandma just couldn't live without him.
I only hope that someday I can pass along the goodness they gave to me and my family, pay it forward. I miss them every single day.
I was so glad to finish this page as it was really great to sit and think about them as I was putting it together- remember all the silly jokes my grandpa used to say, how you knew you were in trouble when my grandma pursed her lips and put her hand on her hips, how their house always smelled like home, and how every memorable vacation I had as a child involved them. It was therapeutic to be able to write it all down, tuck it in that little envelope, and hope that I was able to convey just how special they were to Luke, who will hopefully want to know who they were in the future.
Have you made a page that was difficult? Did you feel better after "getting it off your chest"?


  1. That kit is the perfect paper for those photos! Love the vintage showcased them perfectly!

  2. your grandmother is beautiful and you look just like her! gorgeous layout!

  3. I love your lift of my page over at Pebbles! It's great. Thanks for the compliment (that was my favourite assignment last year!)