Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Hi everyone! Sorry for my being so quiet lately, I've been working on a lot of quilting projects still. I now have 6 quilt tops that need put together, just waiting on my thread to arrive in the mail so I can get going on them! I will also be debuting my etsy shop soon so I'm working on goodies to fill it up!
Last week on the Pebbles blog we were asked to scraplift a fellow design team member. I chose to lift a page by Sarah Webb who always has the most beautiful embellishment clusters. You can see her original layout on this post and here is what I came up with:

I'm getting so sad that my stash of Fresh Goods has been whittled away... I only have a few scraps left over!
Also, I've been trying really hard to catch back up on Project Life. At the end of January we had a lot going on- two families came to visit us back to back and then we all got sick with the stomach flu so I just didn't have the time. Then from there it just kept getting put on the backburner so when it was time to get back to it I was already four weeks behind. I was also a little weary about posting it here because well, let's be honest, PL is everywhere already. I'm not doing anything earth-shattering here- this is for my family to be able to look back on in a few years, not so much a gallery project. But, I figured I may as well, because occasionally I may have something fun to show.
Here are my first two (and only) fully completed weeks.

I decided that this is a really good way to use up supplies, so rather than have an underlying theme throughout my album, I'm choosing a scrapbook line for each spread. I have a lot of 6x6 pads that need some love, along with a lot of collection packs that need broken into so this works out really well for me!

Week 2 uses some old OA, Thrift Shop, I think.

I'm also getting a lot of use out of my Silhouette!

Next, I wanted to show you how I'm catching up. I emailed myself all of my cell phone photos and then sifted through my memory card from my camera to find all the photos I wanted to use. Since I'm using the Type A page protectors, I randomly resized my photos to either 4x6 or 3x4 not really worrying about what slot they'd go in. (If I needed to change it, I reprinted later). Then, I wrote the date on the back of each photo.
Then, I filled my album with a bunch of empty page protectors. Going through each two page spread, I labeled a sticky note with that week's date range.

Then I started putting my photos in according to their corresponding dates. Since I pre-labeled, it was really easy and fast.
At this point, I found that some of my weeks had only a little bit going on, so I decided that rather than try to fill a million slots with randomness, I'd dedicate only one page to them. I moved the stickies around and started being more particular with where my photos were going.
In under fifteen minutes, I had all my photos in place, ready for embellishment!

Now I'm in the process of finding the paper I want to use for each spread. Even though I may have two separate weeks facing each other, I plan on using the same line or color scheme just to make this part a bit easier. Once I choose them, I start cutting them down to fit the empty spaces, pop my journaling cards in where I want them and then begin figuring out what extras I want to add.
I think I actually prefer this batch method to doing a single week at a time. This way, I can also write down which Silhouette shapes I want to find, make, or use and can cut several at a time. I can also throw my notes for the happenings that week into an empty slot until I get to finishing it- this way I don't forget anything if I happen to take a little longer than usual to get them done!
I'll be working on filling the rest of the weeks up shortly, so I'll be back to share those eventually.


  1. your layout is beautiful, I like the colours!
    I love the project life project..I do that for the first timt this year.

  2. beautiful pages! And congrats about opening your etsy shop soon!
    I opened mine last summer - it's a lot of work but a pretty amazing experience! best of luck with it!