Thursday, July 29, 2010

Back again after a long week...

I've had a few job interviews and some impatient waiting in between for a call back and finally got one today! So, YAY! Back in the workforce. I starting thinking about how I'm going to miss having Luke all to myself everyday while Josh is at work, but this will be great for us and will provide us with some more money to travel while in Europe. I'm SO ready!

Thought I'd share this picture of Luke we took a few days ago, probably my favorite one to date.

And, I pulled a few papers from my stash that have been in there a while (Jenni Bowlin and Lily Bee) and grabbed everything I could that matched. I put this one together and couldn't be happier.I think I've decided that I'm a "grid" scrapper. I like things to be grouped together and I feel like I'm the most comfortable that way.
I've been thinking about scrapbooking lately. Been down in the dumps about some design team calls I didn't make, publications I didn't get chosen for. But then I dusted myself off and thought, WAIT. I don't do this to showcase product. I don't do this to impress anyone. I'm preserving my photos and telling my stories. I just don't get the single 2x2 photo on paper with a messy mist spray in the background. It's just not me. I want people to SEE my pictures and cherish them, not squint their eyes to try to even tell who was even in the picture... haha.
Okay, rant over; sorry about that.
Anyway, I'm looking forward to starting my job as an accountant with my own OFFICE! Now, I'm on the hunt for some cute office supplies and things for my desk! YAY!

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  1. I totally understand your feelings, and if you read some back posts on my blog, you'll notice some similarity:) Just remember that DTs are not only a design decision, but also a business one--they may just be looking for someone with more of a blog following or something. But I really love your work and if you keep at it, I really think you will go places:) Love this page, btw, the colors are great!