Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New techniques!

I'm going to share my first ever tutorial with you!
In this layout, I did a couple new things that I had never tried before.

First, the stamped title for my page is partially cut out of the cardstock so the photo can be tucked in behind it.
Also, I used my slice to cut out the heart shape from strips of paper and then used another cut out for a mist mask.
First, for the text, cut your cardstock down to the size you want.

Line your photo up, and once you have it in its position, draw a line underneath it.
Here's one of my favorite tips ever:
Use your paper trimmer to help you draw straight lines! It's great for journaling since you can space your lines evenly and it's super fast!
Next, line your stamps up on top of your photo, making sure that the bottom of the stamp is on the cardstock base and the top overlaps your photo.

Next, draw another straight line underneath your stamps.

Now, you can remove the photo. Line your stamps back up and trace around them- only where they extend above your top line (or where they are going to overlap the photo). The SC stamps work really well for this because they are cut nice and close to the actual image. If you are using a stamp that is not cut this way, you can eyeball it and get pretty close. It doesn't have to be perfect.You should have something like this now: (please excuse it being so dark...)
Now, use your craft knife to cut around the lines you have drawn. Just keep in mind for the curved lines to always keep your hand moving and go slow! If you have a nice and sharp knife, this part should be pretty easy.

Now that you have it all cut out, stamp your letters, lining them up with your bottom line. (I slipped a bit trying to take a picture and stamp at the same time haha)

Now, erase your pencil lines and slip your picture in behind your letters and voila!

Now, for the misted hearts. I used strips as my background for my page. Once I knew about how far apart they were going to be spread out, I laid them on my Slice glass mat the same distance apart.
Here's another awesome tip for Slice users:
instead of the messy adhesive Making Memories sells (and that you can sometimes put too much on and then end up with your paper super glued to your mat), I use a restickable glue stick! The application is easier, it's less messy, and I've never had a problem with it being "too sticky".

Anyway, I cut out a 2" heart a little sideways from my background strips. Then, I cut out a 1.5" heart from some scrap paper.

Then, I lined the heart from the scrap paper up with the heart on my strips and misted over the top of it.
I'm really not the greatest mister and I didn't like how messy mine came out looking so I just added a few faux stitching lines with my white pen.

Here's what my finished page looks like again:

And there you have it! I hope you learned something new and if you decide to try either of these techniques out, I'd love to see what you came up with!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Just found your blog and wanted to say how much I love your style! This page is beautiful and I'm loving your Project 12 one, too! I personally would LOVE to hear about life in Turkey, as well!

  2. these are some cool techniques! thanks for sharing!

  3. super cute ashley, really sweet of you to put together tutorials on it all :)

  4. wow great layout and thanks for the tutorial. I love step by step tutorials like this!